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Personal Injury
Call us for any serious injury cases, wrongful deaths, auto accidents, police officer shooting, governmental injuries, false arrests, and excessive force cases.  Fenn has a generation of experience assisting clients in Serious Injury and Constitutional Rights Litigation.  Numerous cases have been resulted in 6 or 7 figure resolutions.

Court Room, Federal Criminal Defense in Atlanta, GA

During a consultation, an evaluation of your injuries and how they occurred will be assessed. We will state facts and determine any settlements.

If the case goes to court, you will be assisted during the proceedings by our firm acting as a liaison between you and the offending party. Trust us to help you resolve any possible disputes that arise during the proceedings.

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and discuss your personal injury needs.


including Family disputes and Marital Reconciliation

For over a quarter of a century, Fenn has represented clients involved in disputes of all types.  The one fact that everyone of those disputes had in common was that not one of the disputes could not be resolved.  Fenn is committed helping his clients resolve disputes and restore relationships through Biblical restoration principles rather than through expensive and relationship destroying litigation.

Criminal Defense

Protect your rights with the criminal defense assistance of Fenn Little.  Since 1987, Fenn has used his experience and creativity to defend clients in all types of criminal cases.
When you need an attorney who is there for you, you know who to call. The Fenn Little Law Firm is fully committed to successfully resolving serious felonies and misdemeanors through trial and/or, creative, and persistent plea negotiations.  Cases that have been handled by this firm include:

• Tax Crimes
• Drugs
• Money Laundering
• Identity Theft
• Criminal Investigations
• Mail and Wire Fraud

• Federal Firearm Offenses

You will not be alone during any questioning, and as your criminal defense lawyer, Fenn Little will act as an intermediary between you and the investigating authorities.

Court Room, Federal Criminal Defense in Atlanta, GA